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  • Holly Erin Copeland

    Holly Erin Copeland

    Certified Human Potential Coach and explorer of neuroscience, meditation, mind and consciousness. Learn more at: http://heartmindalchemy.com.

  • Nash Vail

    Nash Vail

    Illustrator/Designer/Educator. Read more @ nashvail.me

  • Shantanu Kumar

    Shantanu Kumar

  • Caitlin Sowers

    Caitlin Sowers

    Caitlin is a Product/UX Designer based on Vancouver Island. www.caitlinsowers.com

  • Taylor Green

    Taylor Green

    Product Designer @ Codecademy | Background in Neuroscience + Cognitive Psychology | Contributor to UX Collective

  • Patricia Reiners

    Patricia Reiners

    UX/UI Designer from Berlin and an Adobe Creative Resident 2019 ✨ I am passionate about future cities, technology and innovation.

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